Monday, April 9, 2012

Why does wkhtmltopdf work via Terminal and fail via PHP's shell_exec() when using MAMP?

Question: Why does the following command line command:

wkhtmltopdf /path/to/html/input/file.html /path/to/pdf/output/file.pdf

work as expected when executed via Mac OSX Terminal but fail when executed via PHP's shell_exec() function via MAMP?

Answer: You need to comment out two lines of code within one of MAMP's configuration files.

Within MAMP's /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/envvars file you'll notice the following two lines:


Comment both of them out as demonstrated below (note the "#" prefix on each line):


Lastly, within the same file, add the following command to make sure the $PATH environment variable inherited by PHP from Apache includes the directory that contains your wkhtmltopdf executable. Your command will look something like:

export PATH=/parent/path/of/wkhtmltopdf/executable:$PATH

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  1. Thanks a lot. You are a savior. I had this exact issue on my MAC which has MAMP and after a lot of searching and debugging I found your page. I have this same issue on my production machine which is having redhat and a normal Apache setup. No MAMP. Any insights as to how I can make it work there?

    1. I'm glad my post helped you out. I didn't have any issues when deploying to my production machines running Debian Squeeze. If you figure out the solution though you should consider adding it as a comment to this post for other users experiencing the same issue you're facing. Thanks.

  2. I was able to get it to work. It was a permissions issue. The SELinux firewall was not allowing apache to spawn a new process for the wkhtmltopdf binary. All I had to do was set the "httpd_execmem" boolean in SELinux to ON. You can do this by executing the command "setsebool httpd_execmem on" on your terminal.

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